onion planting day

one of the short informational videos i’ve prepared for green junction farmstead. this video features brian, the farmer, and volunteers on onion planting day.

GPLB xperimental

attending the grand prix of long beach was a tradition for years. i would always attend on friday for practice & qualifying because it was free, there were fewer people, and i would have almost unobstructed access to the photo locations. i’d always take a vintage lens, and at this event in 2014, i rolled some un-stabilized video with my digital camera. when i got back to my studio, the shakiness seemed to capture the intensity of being there in person so i edited a little bit of that footage together. shake and all.

SOC2022 logo reveal

This was the video introduction i created for social media and website introducing the logo i designed (inspired by the very first SAAB logo) for the 2022 SAAB owners convention

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