print2give logo

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designed for a startup in orange county, california and long-time friends of mine who are doing amazing things in their community.

SAAB club logos

with 5 SAABs in our family (at the moment), and having had SAABs in our family since 1976 when i talked my dad into buying a SAAB 99 GLE, it’s an honor to be able to support the continuing SAAB community by not only creating logos for them, including the SAAB Club of North America logo and the SAAB Owners Conventions that are held each year, but also art directing and laying out the quartly 9s magazine. 

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mariners church logo

in 2013 i got the privilege and opportunity to redesign the logo for Mariners Church. i had played a role in the layout and implementation of second logo that the church used–from the early 90’s–and all of it’s iterations as we merged to become mariners south coast church in 1996 and then went back to mariners church. but due to some crazy circumstances and changes in leadership, i wasn’t involved with the redesign that was done in 2003. so being able to create a mark for a church i had been so deeply involved with was a wonderful and satisfying journey. and i could not have done it without the wisdom and design advice i received from the executive pastor at the time, brian norkaitis.